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Hello rockbox folks,

i used rockbox on my gigabeat an now i own an motorola defy. i tried the rasher build and everthing seems fine. but where can i find the widget. if i try to add a widget nothing no rockbox stuff is in the lists.
thx for help

best regards the pi ???

Did you move it to the SD Card?  If so, then move it back to the phone.  This is a limitation of Android, widgets can't be on SD.

Just installed Rockbox for Android on the newly released Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0.  (nice little tablet)

Rasher's 800x480 build (Thank you).  Default cabbie 2.0 theme.

Works quite well.

Suggestions for the config file before starting:

volume: -73
font: /.rockbox/fonts/35-Adobe-Helvetica.fnt

Or one may find the application difficult to navigate and the sound extremely loud.   :)

Album art works fine.  EQ settings and Bass Treble don't work (crash).  But is is very usable, sounds good with .ogg -q7 & -q8.  Navigation seems quick  GAPLESS!!!!!

The regular EQ crashes?  I can't think of a reason why that should happen, it shouldn't touch the app parts at all.

Was able to turn on the EQ and used the simple EQ, not the graphical one because of the very small font size and display. I can try again and test further.

UPDATE: The Samsung 5 (for the USA) uses Android 2.3.5.


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