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Android: rasher's unmodified daily builds.

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I will be hosting, until a time when official daily builds become available, builds of Rockbox for Android, updated daily. I'll not be updating this thread unless something dramatically changes.

The builds will be unmodified from SVN, as with my simulator builds.

Find them on

I'll add resolutions if requested (but keep in mind the lack of default themes).

Hi, Any chance of 800x480 build for my Cowon D3 Android?



--- Quote from: Artmuzz on July 18, 2011, 08:01:05 AM ---Hi, Any chance of 800x480 build for my Cowon D3 Android?
--- End quote ---
Sure thing. It's there now.

Thanks :) Unfortunately Rockbox is still very unstable.

Hi Rasher,

Great work on your builds!!

I have the Samsung Galaxy 7" tab and I've installed your 1024x600 apk. Is there anyway I can simply change the orientation to have it sit in portrait mode? If there isn't, could you please post a version that be displayed in 600x1024?



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