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Rockbox 3.9 released!

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Hello all,

On behalf of the Rockbox developers, I'm very pleased to announce that
Rockbox 3.9 has just been released!

Go here to download the installer (individual zips are also available):

Read up on the most noticeable changes in 3.9:

And above all, enjoy!


P.S. As usual it may take a little while for the download mirrors to catch up, so if you have any problems with the download, please give the builds a while to propagate first.


such a great program. with this running on my e250 ill most likely never need to upgrade to another player for many years especially for those who are just using it for audio.

i had mine since June 2008 and had Rockbox running on it since day one.

+++++thank you all+++++

Great work everyone dose here.
"Thank You"

Hi! Installer for Windows is not working. And my antivirus says there is some bad program in there.


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