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Tracks do not play in numeric order

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Is it possible to put this to normal setting?????????????????
I see
shuffle,repeat,play selected first,resume on startup,ffwd?rewindantiskip,fade on stop?pause,id3 tag priority,move to next folder,gather runtime data< but no normal

Ok I have figured out this problem also.............Some of my downloaded files for what ever reason do not play in consecutive order. So I went back and put 01,02 ,03  etc in front of the tracks and it fixed I have about 10gb left to do is there an easier way?????????Anyone have this issue??????????Bueller, Bueller

RockBox rocks thank you guys for all the hard work.

There are many tools out there that can rename files from their tags. I believe foobar_2000 can do it, which is a popular music player.

Also, as a note, you only really need to use one ? per question.

Its odd that a ripped cd goes in numeric order with no numbers in front of the tracks,but downloaded ones renumbered still do not work..........What im saying is is that retagging doesnt solve the problem but adding 01,02 in front of the tracks does.....

And I just said that there are programs that can take the "track" tag, and put it at the beginning of a file, so that a file "Back in Black" that is track 01 in the tag, will become "01 - Back in Black"


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