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Rockbox 3.8.1 released!


Hello all,

On behalf of the Rockbox developers, I'm very pleased to announce that Rockbox 3.8.1 has just been released!  This is a bug fix release for Rockbox 3.8.

Go here to download the installer (individual zips are also available):

Read up on the bugs fixed in 3.8.1:

And above all, enjoy!


P.S. As usual it may take a little while for the download mirrors to catch up, so if you have any problems with the download, please give the builds a while to propagate first.

I updated and it still says 3.8 D:. Help please? :3.

EDIT: Just tried updating again, now it won't load Rock Box at all.

EDIT AGAIN: Nevermind. Fixed :D


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