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mp3 recording works but only plays the first 10 minutes and than stops

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Hi all,

I'm new and very happy with my rockboxed archos sp 128 fm ..
problem is when i record to a sdcard the files have some problems ..
when i play them on the player no problem i can play every minute
but when i copy the file to my apple or pc .. or play from the sdcard while hooked up through the usb it only plays the first 11 minutes while the dj set i recorded is around 110 minutes ... it jumps back to 0:00 after 11 minutes or so ..

anybody got this too ? i use a medion 256 sd card which came with my medion md 150 navigation hendheld ..

when i record to the flash no problem .. all is well .. it's just with this sd card .. haven't tried another one

thanks !

nobody ?also happens when recording to the flash of the recorder btw ..
besides that the screen is very weird .. it fails sometimes .. and then i have to restart the recorder
also i heard some stuttering im the audio when i play it from the recorder through the line out .. i think that was the way it was recorded

also : when i start up the recorder i first see the archos software logo 1.32b and then the rockbox software 2.5  ... maybe i installed something wrong ? should i see the archos software when i start up ?

if anybody can help that would be very nice .. in the meantime i'll try to use only the archos software .. and look if it will work oke ..

it's still acting weird .. i just put the rockbox2.5 os in the bootloader which makes it faster at startup. But the graphics start to act really weird now .. sometimes the screen moves a 1/2 line up .. so i can see half of the line on the top and on the bottom of the screen .. also the graphics sometimes are upside down ???? when i power up for instance ..

Also the graphics of the peakmeter is weird .. it's bouncing on the screen and stuff .. too weird

i'm thinking something is wrong with my recorder .. anybody had such problems > i think i'll return it for a new one .. this aint good !

( too bad nobody reacts here .. )

mmm i think it's the battery .. when hooked up to the usb port it works fine .. no weird screen jumping .. and recording looks oke so far .. haven't checked because it's still recording ..

i have 2 aaa batteries of 700 ma en 1 of 750 ma .. could that be the problem ? or is it just the fact that after half of the batteries it's start acting up ?

still talking to myself here .. :D

anyway found the 10 minutes problem .. the recorder stops after 10 minutes when it set to go off after 10 minutes .. kind of strange .. but it look like it works when i put the auto off to no ..

now why does the graphics look when i start it up ? it will look oke after 10 seconds but before that the screen looks weird ..

does the new cvs version work better ? haven't looked for graphic bugs .. anybody ? thanks !


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