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Recorder 20 F2-Key-setting-Problem


On my Recorder 20, the up-function is attached to the F2-Button. So all functions the F2-Button should do, are not availiable. All that happens is, that the cursor moves on up... An e Flash-programming is impossible to!

Does anyboy know this problem and can it be solved without sending the Jukebox back to Archos?

It might be a physical problem. Open it up and see if the plastic buttons are damages somehow. Also please go to Menu->Info->Debug->View I/O ports and report the AN4 values to me when you press the F1, F2, F3 and UP buttons.

It is a physical Problem. I found out, how i have to push the button and now it works. Thank you anyway!

I'm having the same problem, my AN4 values are:

F1 - 19C, 18B (fluctuates and so it's not easy to read)
F2 - 3B7, 3A8
F3 - 3FF
UP - 32B, 32F


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