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Bricked Gigabeat F40 refuses to work, need original firmware

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I also have the same problem and went through all of the same issues. I can hear the hard drive spinning but no joy (no good). I hope this helps

I need the F40 Gigabeat Firmare to restore mine from the dead, bricked about 10 years ago formatting with NTFS.
Can you provide the link?

Here's the link I've uploaded to my dropbox for gigabeat software.

I know this is a longshot but I have a number of F's (including the Fumiya model....I know, there's something wrong with me but I've just learned to accept it)

That said...I have the JPN 3.0.20 firmware update and of course the US variant.  But does anyone has the v2.020 JPN firmware update files?  Sounds like it would be called something like "fwup2_02jp-jp.exe" or possibly "setup2_02_jp-jp.exe".    Trying to see if this will update the firmware on the Fuminya to v2.020 as the V3 isn't supported for it.



--- Quote from: talon1812 on April 03, 2020, 02:33:13 AM ---Here's the link I've uploaded to my dropbox for gigabeat software.

--- End quote ---

If you need the V3 firmware for a US F series....I uploaded here a few years back but to re-link:


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