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Bright white screen at startup and no more


Hello fellas, I was hoping that someone could give me some direction... I had misplaced my jukebox over 9 months ago during a relocation from out of state.  Before the incident, it was working absolutely fine, although playing time had been reduced to about 3 hours or so.

9 months later I was absolutely thrilled to find it (in a coat).  There was no power to it, so I charged it overnight, and there was nothing.  Left it charging two days, and again there was nothing.  Bought new batteries for it on ebay and allowed them to charge overnight.  Now all I get is a fully illuminated screen that does nothing else.  If you look at it from the bottom up, it looks like there is a darker shade on the bottom half.  Sometimes there are a number of fluctuating horizontal lines.  I can hear the hard drive working during the first few seconds, but then it stops.  I have tried connecting it to my computer (usb) and it doesn't recognize it.

Am I out of luck?

Oops, specs would help. It is an early v2 model with black bumpers.


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