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HELP - Removing the JB 6000 LCD screen.....



I have a JB 6000, and I need some DETAILED guidance in getting the LCD screen off so that I can get full access to the top motherboard.

Yes, you guessed it  - I plugged my mobile phone chrager into my JB (polarity reversed) and screwed the charging circuit, and need to replace the 2 IC's on the board.

I have the JB apart as far as I can go, but can't seem to get the LCD panel off without undue pressure - don't want to break it!

I have searched the web hi and lo (this site, NewMP3Technology, stand alone pages etc. etc.), but can't find DETAILED info that explains taking the LCD off.

Please help!


South Africa.

The LCD is fastened with two tiny screws. Remove them, and you should be able to  remove it.


OK, let me clarify, as I didn't have the beast in front of me when I posed the Q...

What I need to do is replace that MICRONAS IC that controls the charging circuit, and has been blown by me (kick-in-the-ass for that...).

From what I dreged off the 'Net, I believe that IC to be surface mounted on the tp motherboard under the bottom-left corner of the "purple plastic cover" (for want of a better description) that includes the LCD and round button control.

By removing the upper cover (4 x tiny Philips screws) I can see part of the top m'board - but how do I get this "purple plastic cover" thingy off without breaking it, so I can see what I ned on the m'board....

There seems to be a clip of some sort just below the two little plastic uprights at the top end (one of which lights up when the Archos is on...) - or am I seeing things?

Dunno if this any clearer....hope you an help.



I repeat my previous message:

"The LCD is fastened with two tiny screws. Remove them, and you should be able to  remove it."

You have to remove the PCB to reach them, as they are on the bottom side.


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