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Ok, when i go into command prompt, and type all of the stuff (ipodpatcher 0, 1, 2) It never finds it.....on my PC when i click Properties on my iPod properties, it sais "Location: Location 0" and when i type that in it sais "This drive is not an iPod, aborting" And when i do the ipodpatcher 0, 1, 2, etc thing it never finds it. I have one hard drive, two DVD drives, and 8 USB they all count as drive locations, if so i'll try upto 12, but i dont think it'll be succesful. And the program is in the right places so thats not a just doesnt find my iPod. Help!?

BTW: I have a normal iPod Video, it only has Apple OS

First, I think the ipod needs to be in disk mode. I'm not sure, but you might want to check that it is.

Second, the location isn't dependent upon how many USB ports you have, or internal drives, but you should go up at least a decent ways. What drive letter is your iPod out of curiosity?

It is in Disk mode, and the iPods Drive letter is F

Also, with Rockbox, can I still use the Apple OS too? Rockbox doesnt overwrite it does it? I read that I can just press menu to startup, let go, then hold it in again. Or is that not working for the 5G?

You can still use Apple OS yes, though I personally haven't found a reason to for a while now.

Ok, can anyone help im getting errors! for ipodpatcher 0, i get an error "drive is not an iPod, aborting" on iPodpathcer 1 i get error "locking disk, Acess is denied" and for ipodpatcher 2 and up i get error "Error Opening disk: The system cannot find the file specified"
So whats up? Why wont it find it...i went upto 15 so far and im still going! Help me...please.


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