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I have ipod linux and podzilla on my nano, but i was wondering how i would go about installing rockbox on it and what the features are

can you play videos? or even compressed videos?
new appearances?

if there is a post about this, someone please direct me

Well, if you read around the Wiki you'll see that rockbox is intended as a music playing firmware. Though doom is supported on some targets, and probably will be on iPod as well given time, its features relate to music. Gapless playback, various new formats (it'll play much higher bitrate Oggs than ipodlinux will, for example).

It also supports a customizeable while playing screen, and several games like Bejeweled, Solitaire, and others.

where can i download it?

and how can it on so i can boot into normal firmware, podzilla and rockbox? i know it can be done, but is there a detaled tutorial around?

Rockbox for ipod can be downloaded from the Daily Builds page. I would suggest the Bleeding Edge builds at the bottom, honestly since some nice changes have occurred today.

Step 1: Create an EXT2 partition with the filesystem needed for iPodLinux.
Step 2: Follow the regular installation instructions at the IpodInstallation wiki page.
Step 3: Copy your linux kernel image to the FAT32 partition as linux.bin

Then, to boot into linux, hold Play/Pause immediately after turning on the unit after shutting down.

could you expand on how to install both linux and rockbox on the ipod?

I know me myseld have asked many times HOW to do it, an i got to answer, so if you could maybe update the wiki with installation instructions on how to install both, that would be very nice

thanks alot for the simple description at least


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