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vibe 500: "Please Check HDD"

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hi!! I hope not to have the wrong place.
Yesterday I installed Rockbox, but to 'boot' screen will read: "Please Check HDD". I followed the instructions carefully but the MP3 player you are no longer running. I tried to restore the old firmware  but in the Packard Bell'site there is nothing.
Having formatted the mp3 player is no more the system folder, I also checked whether this was as a hidden file, but there is nothing.
Can anyone give me a hand?
thank you!

I've put this in general as there isn't a Packard Bell sub forum at the moment for installation.  I'll see about getting one added

look forward to some news. thank you!

Please read this topic:,25148.0.html

I already read that topic. and I ran all the instructions, I have also reformatted the device but whenever I get the message Please check disk ...


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