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The positives of upgrading to rockbox, the negatives?

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I have a rockbox 6000 on order and was looking into this rockbox to flash the os as I had heard of reviews complaining about its layout and navigation ability.

What is different in rockbox? Is there an easier way to control the volume than going into the menu, etc?

How about faster boot times?

Thanks, Derek

Start here:

then move on here:

But you would probably have discovered that if you had started here:


Excellent, thanks, after i try out the original os I will switch to the rockbock, a lot of new stuff.

Now, what I couldn't find out does the volume control work more easily?, I mean do u still have to go through the menu?

or is there some type of combination or hotkey for it?

If there isn't for the developers, it might be a good idea.

Thanks, Derek


on the player, there is an Hotkey for the Volume...
simply press "Menu" and "+" or "-"  to change the volume in rockbox.

And i strongly recommend the use of Rockbox over the original firmware. ..its way better then the original... try it.. :-)


Excellent thanks for all the persuasions, I look forward to be posted on this forum much.

Thanks again to all, Derek


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