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X5V - can't remove Rockbox

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Just making sure and clutching at straws - this is with a DC charger plugged into the subpack?
If you say though that it goes into charging mode then it probably is, I just saw a small chance that it could be a USB charger.

This is really the last thing I can think of at the moment short of "maybe there is something wrong with your player".  :-\

Clutching at straws seems to be fashionable, so I'll have a go as well:

Is the filesystem clean? I could imagine that subtle filesystem corruption could make the FIRMWARE directory on the player "invisible" for the upgrading code in ROM. Maybe try to verify that.

I've just taken the step of re-formatting the drive..

Once done, I created a folder called FIRMWARE. Copied the Cowon x5v bin file to it. Detached from usb, player said 'Goodbye' and switched off. Plugged in the charger ( connected through the subpack thing )

'Charging' is what it says, still..

Going to install Rockbox on it, then do some battery tests.

( can anyone confirm if 'Time Left' on battery bench is in HH:MM? )

Thanks all,


--- Quote from: Bob_49.95 on December 10, 2010, 08:42:41 AM ---can anyone confirm if 'Time Left' on battery bench is in HH:MM?

--- End quote ---

According to the code, it looks like the 'Time Left' is HH:MM

Cheers for confirming the HH:MM

I de-soldered the battery after the most recent shutdown, it measured around 3.9v, so looks like something in the unit is misreading the available battery power. When I run the player on the AC power supply it works fine, but on the battery it's all a bit sensitive, if you pick up the thing it'll just a soon shut itself down. Press the start switch up and Rockbox complains about 'battery too low' and closes again. Try again and it'll work....

So, can't re-flash to Cowon and available battery power general confusion, does that point to a wonky eprom or something?


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