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Hi there, I've asked around in the IRC but I think I'm gonna leave here my issues in case I'm a little more lucky:

So I got this allegedly new fuze+ (came without box so. . .) and everything seemed to be fine, it updated the OF, no problem, installed the bootloader, no issue, NOW. . .

It refuses to straight up read any sd card when turnt on. So far I've tested:

* Class 4 and 4GB sd card.
* Class 10 and 64GB sd card.
* Formatting on Linux
* Formatting on Windows
* Formatting FAT32
* Formatting FAT
* Formatting exFAT (I've read it is not supported still I had to try)
* Formatting with default cluster size
* Formatting with 4k cluster size
* Booting up the device on OF
* Booting up the device on rockbox
* Pluggin the device to see the cards
* Pluggin the cards into a SD reader.The cards are ok (they show up in every place except the device, and the Class 10 was in my Benjie T6 with rockbox too so I know it is good)
The cards got the format alright no matter the system, they seem to work perfectly every time, but the device somehow refuses to recon the card from both firmwares.

Does someone know what more could I test? I'm more curious than anything at this point.

Edit with fix:

Since I've seen way too many posts with this very issue, here and in the SanDisk old forums, if someone gets here through google, here's what I did:

Context: The "issue", with big quotes, is that my sd card is 64GB, quoted because it shouldn't be an issue at all, but anyway.
The issue behind this is that any tool you can think of quickly won't let you format FAT32 past 32GB, and seems like Fuze+ is rather picky of what and who formatted the sd card.

These include, in my case:

* Disk management on windows
* fdisk + mkfs.vfat on linux
* sd card formatted from
The tool that finally worked for me is HP USB FORMAT TOOL, and it is on the Internet Archive, gladly.
On top of that, I made it so windows told me that the device was "written protected" somehow.
You can do this steps with the card in the device, connect through USB to the PC, or with a card reader, I think it shouldn't be relevant, but just in case.

With this said:

* I went to windows (ironically), in my case windows 10
* Open CMD, if possible with admin rights
* diskpart
* Select your disk, in my case was the 3rd
* select disk 3
* Use the command "clean" . You could use "clean all" but seems like it takes REALLY long times, so long you could think it hung up.
* clean
* Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the diskNow you're ready for the HP tool:

* Open the tool, with admin rights if possible
* Choose the storage
* Choose FAT32Once it finishes, in my case, the sd card was working just as before, AND it got recognized by both firmwares, OF and Rockbox.
I hope this can help someone more out there.

PD: In the way of all of this, when I plugged the device the Fuze+ itself moved all the contents from the sd card to its internal memory, even on MSC mode. What this resulted is that now I have rockbox installed in the internal memory of the device and boots just the same. I don't know if this is relevant or a pro or a con. time wil ltell.


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