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I 'm starting on a port for Sansa Fuze+

For the moment there is only PCB scans and a few info about components

Futher info to come... to be continued

I have been able to decrypt the Fuze+ firmware. The sbinfo program in the SVN is nearly complete now and allows to retrieve the code in an decrypted form, even though it would be better to rebuild an elf file out of it to work on it.
I would be quite interested in helping the port if possible.

Please do!  :D
Actually i'm learning C by now and will not be able to contribuate to the port before i'm done with it (I'm starting this port from scratch with no other knowledge than my will to learn.... I don't know how long it'll need before I'll could write anything valuable. I just though I would do whatever I could (scanning pcb, open a new wiki, for exemple...) and then start to learn before to continue on contribuing.

I'm really impressed on the rapidity people did start to find and give information about it  :o. If you need more info, or someone to test your program in the case you don't own a fuze+, I still can help.  ;D

Correct me if i'm wrong but with the firmware being decrypted, I suppose the next level should be to make a fake very close from the original and try to update the device with it... isn't it?

ps: I updated my profil's page so that you can email me if you need to.

A few of the things I wonder about the fuze+:
1) how does the whole booting of this thing work? (important to know at what point during the boot process we can make it start running rockbox code)
2) does it have some kind of recovery mode? (very important once we start trying to run our own possibly buggy code)

Could you (for example) try to figure out if there is some kind of special boot or recovery mode?
Very often a special boot mode is started when holding a specific button during power-up (or perhaps a combination of buttons).
Sometimes these boot modes don't show anything on the screen but you can recognise them because they act as a USB device, possibly with a different USB vendor/product id than it shows normally.

Does it have a reset button (reachable only by a paperclip possibly)?

concerning 1) i'm really not competent - or is there any test I could perform that might helps you to figure it out?
as far as I understand it: there are 3 different boot mode:
- normal:
          - boot
          - then screen change to some sandisk turning logo asking to wait (probably rescaning of tag info or updating already saved library)
- USB mode MTP
- USB mode MSC

note that there is an optionnal menu in the original firmware to choose between the two USB mode, note also the following hints to force MSC mode...

a) There is a reset fonction mentionned in the manual by hold on/off button for 20 sec.
see: on p. 10 (I suppose some kind of hard reboot)

b) on:
 the former firmware update mentionned the implementation of a new fonction:
"Force device into MSC mode using key combination (Device OFF press & hold Volume down Button and connect device to PC)"

But as it comes as a firmware update I suppose we can count that out to recover after changing the firmware.

c) As I mentionned on the port page (see remarks's section), after being disconnected from battery for a long time (2 or 3 days) the player wouldn't start anymore. After connecting it to the computer it start again and after being unplugged it showed the message: "firmware succefully updated" allthrough I didn't put any firmware files on its root.
It seems like a saved-firmware-automatically-recovered-mode to me... but again I'm just starting about all those stuff, what do you think about it?


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