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Summary of Recording Issues, OSX



Hi all,

I have been suffering many recording problems, and I am glad to see there are fixes out there.
The first I read about was the vbrfix that is in the Rockbox plugins.  I do not see this in my
machine's plugin... I am using the latest 2.3 build on a Jukebox Recorder 15.  Where are
the plugins stored?  How/where can I download them?

The other fixer seems to be the Windows program mp3fixer.  Does anything like this exist
for Mac OSX?  Maybe Mp3 Trimmer?  It says it has a analyze/fix feature in it.

Finally, how can I find old releases?  The recording on 2.1 was always rock solid for me...
2.3 seems to introduce more errors and problems.


A quick note:

The vbrfix.rock plug-in is stored in your "\.rockbox/viewers" folder on your recorder.  It should have been coppied to this folder when you installed V2.3  See the Version 2.3 manual for its usage.

As a side note, I used Version 2.3 to record several LP's (those vinyl round disks with a hole in them that we used to listen to music with before tapes and CDs) yesterday in my FM Recorder without any problems.


Okay, am I stupid?  I got the vbrfixer on my Rockbox.. but how do I
actually apply it to a file?  Its tries to play the file, but it says "?" for
bitrate info, and get no sound.  When I click on the vbrfix viewer,
it says "plugin returned error".. help!


The manual isn't very clear about how to run vbrfix.rock, sorry about that. Here's how to run it:

Select the file in the browser and push ON+Play, then select "Open with" and select "vbrfix" from the list of viewers.


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