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documentaion wrong?

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okay on ur faq for v2 and jbr fm battries u say the adaptar is 6volt 700mAh. but
thinks diffenly. it works with jbr fm and it is 5v and 1.6 a

The AC adapter that came with my Archos Jukebox FM Recorder is labled 6V DC at 700mA.  It measures about 9.5V without a load.  I suspect the power supply in the unit can accept a range of input voltages.


so it came with 6v 700mah? u are sure about this right? i don't want my thing to fry..... unless u are willing to give me 200$ if it does fry   ;)

does the jbr v2 and the jbr fm have the same adapter?

The FM and V2 have the same adapter.


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