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Hi there,
I just put together some files that I put on my player so everytime I plug it into a windows machine, I can upload my scrobbler log to It works only if you use your player in MSC mode. Here is what you need:

* Some Player with Rockbox, having the scrobbler log enabled
  (Currently you can do this via Settings - Playback Settings - Log - Yes)
  Rockbox will then keep a list of all played tracks in the storage root, the file is called .scrobbler.log

* A Windows machine with internet connection

* Some utility which can upload the log to the website - I use QTScrobbler because it is the only utility that supports both Windows and the new protocol version 1.2 which allows scrobbling files in between the existing entries on your account - for example if you've been playing files on your pc and on your player at the same time. Download the newest scrobble-cli version for win32. (Currently version 0.10). Put the scrobble-cli-x.xx.exe in the root of your player's storage.

* Your username and the password in MD5-hash format. Convert your plaintext password into MD5 with a utility like this. Qtscrobbler would also accept the password in plaintext, but this would mean your password is stored unencrypted in a file on your player. An MD5 hashed password looks like this: df5ea29924d39c3be8785734f13169c6.

* A batch file that runs the Qtscrobbler with the necessary parameters if you click it. Right-Click in the storage folder of your player and choose 'New - Text Document' and name it something like "scrobble.bat".
Then put the following text into the bat file (Edit it with Notepad):

--- Quote ---.\scrobble-cli-0.10.exe -u Your_username -5 Your_MD5-hashed-password -l .\.scrobbler.log
--- End quote ---

This is it. Now if you plug in your player and open its folder, you double click the scrobble.bat file and it uploads the scrobbler log automatically to, if there is an internet connection.

You could also make an autostart.inf file that runs the bat file automatically when you plug in your player. This will work only on Windows machines with an operating system older than Windows 7 and only if there is no Antivirus program blocking the Autostart. The file would have to look like this:

--- Quote ---[autorun]

--- End quote ---

Have fun scrobbling and if there are any problems, please ask. Note: don't post your original md5-hashed password here. Replace some characters with *** or something like that. Include the error message if the batch file shows any.

when i try to upload it tells me they are too old, or something like that.

well then, i guess you have no problem understanding that error message ;)
lastfm does some filtering on the submitted entries so people don't fake the entries and such

audio-i: only accepts scrobbles about one month old. QTscrobbler allows either to remove the older scrobbles before submitting, or to adjust all scrobbles dates so the none shows a date older than one month, and in that way submit all of your scrobbles. After the scrobbles are submitted, it's a good idea to remove the .scrobbler file manually from the root of your device, in case it's still present after the process.

i listened to the tracks the day I tried to upload it


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