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Good Books to learn C

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I can recommend 'The C Programming Language' by Kernighan/Ritchie too. It's good structured and is available in several languages.
I have a german version including the C reference manual.

I also have a copy of 'The C Programming Language' and it is a good book, as well. In fact, 'C: A Refernece Manual' and 'The C Programming Language' are the only two books I have on C. Have never needed anything else over the last 9 years I've been writing code.

The only book I ever use is "The C programming language". If there isn't something on there, I just google it. There is a bevy of information available to the savvy googler.

I'd just go to your library and check out a reasonably good looking book.  c has been around so long there are thousands of them.

The thing about c is that its not a very large langauge like most newer languages today.  The basic c libraries are fairly small (and rockbox doesn't use most of them anyway if thats what you're thinking), and the langauge has moderately much syntax. 

So learning about c isn't a whole lot of reading (though thats still important).  Its mostly about sitting down and practicing until you understand how things work.  Which is the hard part since c is made to be close to how assembly works, and not how people work :)

What they say.  I tought myself C from K+R back in 1991.  One of the most useful things I did.


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