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"Binaural Beat Brain Wave Generation" and "Binaurals" MERGED

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Gnaural is another GPL-licensed binaural beat generator:

It does seem to have a few floats and has some calls to calloc (just from a cursory glance), so it seems like this would be some work too.  I just wanted to provide this information in case someone decides they want to work on a binaural beat plugin.

Yeah but gnaural has small support.. And SBaGen is worth porting because I-Doser sound drugs use SBaGen format and this SBaGen data can be easily extracted to .sbg file, so when porting SBaGen, you port I-Doser (indirectly)

I had the same idea... I already use the iPod as (some sorto) of "mind machine" ... using soundfiles generated by Audacity...

but, the idea is to have the sound being generated (realtime, with parametric changes according to some script format) directly by the ┬┐sound engine? on the iPod (and maybe mixed realtime with some song?)

Could it be done with the library used for MIDI? (this is already in place and working)
just to use NOTES (with some instrument(or define a patch with sine wave)) instead of frecuency? as main parameter?


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