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Rockbox doesn't boot at all on iPod Photo 60GB


Hello there,

I installed the bootloader as described in
ation and unzipped the afterwards.

The bootloader starts, loads something and them I am
presented a text mode interface with the only
item 'rockbox'. When select, the display
states 'Rolo... Loading' and after a short time 'ROLO
error' 'Checksum Error' and the device is stuck.

I tried the last three builds and even to delete
every single file on the iPod - same result.

Any hints?

Best regards,

Do you have any other folders on your ipod?
Rockbox *is* a text mode interface, and that file is the rockbox.ipod you copied over. Rolo is the Rockbox Loader, which has not been modified for ipod (it's used to reboot the firmware, but you ARE already in it.)

Copy an .mp3 or .ogg or otherwise to a non-hidden folder you create.


thanks for making that clear. You were perfectly right - that text-based interface actually plays mp3 files. Is this picture a real one? In fact, I was waiting for such a screen.

Best regards,

That's actually an While Playing Screen created for the H300 line of players. It's a mock up created by a technology site of an approximation of what while playing screens can, and likely will, look like on the iPod series. At the moment, there is just one sample color theme for iPod, one of the "Boxes" ones. If you update to a bleeding edge build, or wait for the next daily, and install it, it should be available in your "Browse Themes" options. It's simple by comparison, but it is only an example (and some of us prefer understated.  :))


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