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Is there a program that automatically resizes pictures before copying them to my Rockbox device? My PC runs 64 bit Gentoo if it matters.

The obvious one: ImageMagick can do this.


--- Quote from: bluebrother on June 27, 2010, 06:17:18 PM ---The obvious one: ImageMagick can do this.

--- End quote ---
How do I have it process all pictures in a directory? There's over 6000 of them so there must be some automated way to do it.

Mogrify might be what you want:

cd <directory with 6000 files>
md new
for %i in (*.jpg) do convert <switches> %i new\%i

That's for DOS (Windows command line). Linux would be similar in idea.
I don't know what switches specifically to use, but check help on "convert". I bet -size would do it.


Just saw your gentoo comment

cd <directory with 6000 files>
mkdir new
for i in *.jpg; do convert <switches> $i new/$i; done;

Same disclaimer about the switches.


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