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Looking for development help to customize Rockbox startup

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Looking for developer(s) to add some custom rules to be validated each Rockbox is started on the MP3 player.

Could you clarify what you're asking so I can figure out if I should, lock or leave this topic?  Its not clear what you're looking to do or how you want to do it.

Wishing to use Rockbox-based MP3 player for internal incentive program.  To make it work for the incentive program need it to do the following:

a) Each time the system is accessed, check whether a date (stored as a file on the player) has passed if so display a message (stored as text in the same same file above).  If date has not passed, let the user access any of the system functionality.

b) Disallow user from using Rockbox to delete files on player. 

So you're looking to hire someone to modify the code for you?

That would be ideal.  Alternatively, to help us start down the process.  My team typically develops business apps in Java and Visual Basic, this is a bit out of our norm.


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