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Original Remote Not Working


I can't get the original Archos Remote working on Rockbox 2.3, flashed.

Is it not supported at all, or is it broken? It passes trough the audio.


Does it work with 2.2? Or with the original firmware?

Maybe the battery is dead?

Huh...? A battery, inside the remote? The batteries inside the Rockbox aka the Archos Jukebox Recorder are tiptop, they mostly are.

I will open the thing and check...

(Some time later...)

You're right, it has a battery, odd model, but probably not unfoundable.
Now i come to think of it, i remember a post of a self-to-build remote and someone (you) wrote something about rs232 code's. Must come from a powered chip.


P.s. it worked when i received it from Archos,  two years ago. I rearly use it, so the battery wore out.


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