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sansalinux "ipod linux" programs for sansa players

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since ipodlinux was converted using rockbox bootloader for the sansa e200 series i was wondering since ipodlinux was ported/converted to sansalinux for sansa e200 would porting some of the ipodlinux apps like ines or idarcnes nes emulater ,gpsp the gba emulater turned in to plugins for sansa players with rockbox?would it work? or would it not work?

It will not work.

so would having sansalinux(ipodlinux) as another boot on the player, would that work?

i was just thinking that since e200 series is most likey not as powerful as a sansa fuse would it work then?

just asking questions cuss i would like nes on my player

Not sure what you're asking, but you can't run sansalinux on a fuze.

i know you can't run sansalinux on a fuse but is it possible to port it since e200 series can run it?

i just would like to use more of my sansa fuse with homebrew programs,
like i said:
-nes emulater
-gba emulater
-ipod linux's gb emulater

i know their not perfect but it's a start at least!


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