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xACT and newbie questions


Hi everyone,

Just got Rockbox working on a 5th Gen iPod this week and I'm really loving it. Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Now I just need to create a library of music in the FLAC format.

I have been using xACT to rip directly from my CD's. I have two questions about this process:

1. In the software's "Encode" pane, it has a slider to choose a balance between "Smallest" and "Fastest." If FLAC is lossless, why would I not want to always choose "Smallest?" I don't understand these apparently opposed parameters.

2. Not as major of a question but... I just forged ahead and tried encoding some files, which I did directly from the disc. Then I read some instructions online and they say to rip the CD on to a hard drive first, then convert those files to FLAC. Does this improve the error correction? Is there really a reason to do it two steps what seems to be possible with one?

I'm using a Mac, so perhaps xACT is not the software of choice, but I'd like to do everything I can to maximize the quality of my audio.


To achieve the smallest file size (greatest compression) can take more time, therefore it isn't necessarily the fastest process as more analysis is needed.

2)  no.


Wow, you are fast around here. If I can make it smaller without loss in quality, that's great. I'm not in a hurry to rip stuff, as it all happens in the background anyhow.

Thanks again, then.



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