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Cowon D2 SD Card Install


Just got my second-hand D2, rockbox on the internal NAND works like a charm. But the bootloader just won´t boot Rockbox from the SD card. I have unpacked the latest rockbox release for the D2 and have a ".rockbox" folder in the root of my SD card.

What am I missing?


Hi. It's probably an 'incompatible' card unfortunately. Some cards are problematic. Have you seen this forum thread ?

not to take over thread..but I can help and then I need help..I have the cown d2 as well, and the patriot 16gb card works perfect. So try that one its only like 30 bucks on epray..

Now my question is, I ordered another sd card, when this arrives all I have to do is add the latest rockbox folder in it and thats it right? I dont have to reflash the cowon again right?  Please help.


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