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I got some problems installing rockbox on my mrobe mr500


Hello,everybody!I got some problems installing rockbox on my mrobe mr500.My player's previous firmware version is 1.04.I followed the step on the site
and chose method  a to update the firmware.Now it shows 1.03. I wonder
whether I succeed.
I face some problem in doing step 2.My folder under Remix is R0000003,not the supposed R0000001.and in that folder there is a svg named R0000001.
I got a svg from the downloaded zip showing R0030001 .I don't know how to do with them.
Thanks for help

Hi.  I moved your post here since it seems to be about installing Rockbox on your player.  (I also deleted the duplicate posts.  Please don't post duplicates in multiple places.)

I would try replacing the existing SVG on your player with the one you downloaded from the wiki (I assume you're following the instructions here).  If it doesn't work then it appears that the only problem will be that Rockbox doesn't run.  This installation method doesn't appear to mess with the player's bootloader and it seems that the modified Olympus firmware runs, so it doesn't seem like there's too much risk in trying this first.


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