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EZWPS Glitches


I made a notes in CustomWPS

--- Quote ---Note: When using the if tag, EZWPS puts a "%" after the "?", this makes the WPS file unusable, remove the second "%" ie. EZWPS Output "%?%it<%it|%fn>" should be "%?it<%it|%fn"

Note: When saving the .wps file EZWPS adds garbage data to the beginning of the file and the beginning of each line, this data must be removed before the WPS file is usable"
--- End quote ---

Just posting here in case the developer of EZWPS is still here and willing to fix it.

The best way to make WPS's would probably be just to use a plain text editor but EZWPS seems to be a pretty good learning tool because it allows first timers to make a quick WPS and see how each tag works. I put the notes in just so people don't get confused when their WPS doesn't work.

That tool is apparently 5 years old. I have removed the mention of it from the CustomWPS page because its too old to still be useful. (especially with your comment saying it is outright generating incorrect code)

Stop me if I'm wrong...but don't you have to add all the tags to EZIWPS manually?
I mean, wouldn't the error in fact lie with the person inputting the tags, and not with EZIWPS itself?


I've never used the tool myself but I don't think anyone using it had to worry about the actual tags, I think the tool had a somewhat easier to understand interface that the user made the theme in and the output was saved as the proper theme syntax (at the time anyway).


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