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Hypnotic Monkey:
OK, I know that Ipodlinux and Rockbox are supposed to be "sister" projects, but i gather from the ipod linux forums that progress has been stalling recently, and ipodlounge posters are noticing the rockbox developent more and more now.

This is the chance for Rockbox to get the recognition it deserves from the media and the vast armys of ipod users, as a group of some seriosuly talented and professional developers.

So, a bit of freindly competition cant hurt can it? :D

The main reason I post this is because of some of the deflationary comments in this thread about the ipod port, along the lines of "ipod users wont care" and "just buy an iriver". I however see nothing wrong with helping out music listeners in need.

comeone rockbox devs, enlighten them ipod users! ;D

once the 60GB 5g works as well as my h140, i'll buy one :)


--- Quote from: nobby on January 15, 2006, 06:26:10 AM ---once the 60GB 5g works as well as my h140, i'll buy one :)

--- End quote ---

All help is welcome.

Yeah, it would be nice to have an (second handed, nice and cheap)  ipod too if rockbox could do something about the soundquality (Rockbox uses better codecs) because Ipods sound pretty bad compared to iRivers ;) .

I Have a H320 currently but they are basically brickshaped and quite rare (hard to find accesoires) ;)


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