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Rockbox audio settings v. Archos settings


On my old mp3 player (FM Recorder) I had teh settings dialed in to where it sounded perfect.  I am trying to find documentation on what the adjustments are for Archos so I can try to duplicate those settings with Rockbox.  I keep getting this sound ocassionally when there is a low bass note in a song and it sounds similar to a subwoofer running out of power.  Needless to say it doesn't sound pretty and it is annoying.

Any help would be great.

Fred M

You are probably hearing digital distortion. It happens when the settings add up to a too high level of amplification. The formula is:

Volume + max(Bass, Treble) + Loudness <= 0dB

(Unfortunately, the volume is in percent and not dB, so it's not easy for the user to calculate.)

This means that you must turn down the volume if you increase the bass/treble/loudness to avoid distortion. FYI, 0dB volume is 93%.


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