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A while ago Shebb made this really cool patch that I used all the time. It allowed you to have a "playlist catalog" and insert songs at any time to a playlist in your catalog. Anyway, I'm really missing it and it doesn't seem to compile with recent builds (I have no idea when it became incompatible).

Here is the patch
Here is the original forum thread

Did anyone use this patch besides me? What are the chances that it might get fixed/updated? I pm'd Shebb a few days ago but he/she hasn't responded.

Mad Big Sausage:
I havn't used it but I've been wanting those features for a while.

1). I really don't see a difference between "Insert" and "Insert Last", surely these two are the same, and menu clutter sould be reduced by removing one of these. (same goes for "Queue" and "Queue Last" ).
(OK, subsequently found out that 'Insert' positions new files after the previously entered file)

2). It would be nice to be able to add any song at any time to any previously created playlist.

3).  A playlist can ONLY be initiated with "Insert", thereafter any new additions to the playlist can be "Queued", but this means that the first album will replayed if shuffle is selected down the line.

That patch is a cool idea, but it is implemented wrong. It uses the playlist API in a way that it is not intended to. I once tried to clean it up, but I gave up due to lack of time.

* dunno orders more time for Linus from Amazon*


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