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Tester Needed!!! - Rockbox Automatic Update


I just finished uploading, my program called "Rockbox Auto Update"
I have made a copy for every single rockbock version in the SVN

and i need testers;
the project page is here:

find one for your player here:

and theres documentation on how to run it on a simulator;

Tested successfully on:
Sansa fuze
ipod nano g1

Please tell me what you think! ;D

Looks good.  Ill try it out ASAP.  What OS is it for?  Which build does it update to (stable, dev)?

EDIT:  Works pretty good.  Would it be possible to update unsupported builds with it?

sorry for the late reply;

It's currently for windows ONLY, I made a Linux version;

But I had it on a Ubuntu PC that want through a GRUB UPDATE :o that the BIOS didn't like;

the Universal Version *Should* work with any type even ones not on the list;

the code is pretty simple:

update.cmd (sansa fuze version)
--- Code: ---update_files\magic\magic.cmd sansafuze <<tells magic.cmd the "unix name" of  your drive.

--- End code ---


--- Code: ---@echo off & ECHO RockBox autoupdate & ECHO & cd .. & cd.. & del ".backup2\" & "update_files\7z\7za.exe" a -tzip ".backup2\" .rockbox\ && del "rockbox*.zip" & "update_files\wget\bin\wget" && "update_files\7z\7za.exe" x rockbox-*.zip -y
--- End code ---
It tries to backup your current .rocbox folder, then if successful, it deletes a previous update (.zip) file, then it uses Wget to download the lateset Build (not 3.5 or 3.X), If the download is Successful, it will extract  the update (7z) and updates your player.

So in short, it can't do any thing Rockbox Utility, cant. but I find it a bit faster for people who just want to do a "quick update."

The Downloads page tells how to work on use on a simulator for the people who want to make SHURE that it will work on their player.

...OK, of topic a bit. ::) about Un supported builds, I don't know if there stored in the same place as the Unstable/Stable,  if there located in the same folder:

and begin with "rockbox-" and is a zip folder, then get the Universal, and edit "update.cmd"
to Reflect the "UNIX name" ( I use "UNIX name" loosely basically I mean no spaces and all lower caps)

If the updates are somewere else, you will have to edit "update_files\magic\magic.cmd" and  make  wget"  point to the File, and the UNzip command will have to be modified too,

If you get it working you should contribute yours to the project,  if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Just finished the Linux version, anyone up for making a mac version?  ???

I have no mac, so I cant.  :(


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