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Cowon X5L - cant flash?



Finally got around (after 4 years) to updating the firm ware on my COWON X5L.  I have placed the .rockbox folder and correct .bin file in the FIRMWARE directory.  The problem is I cant seem to flash the bootloader.

Part of my problem may be that I no longer have the DC charger and charge from USB only. This means to charge my player I; connect it to a computer (or any USB jack); the player attempts to connect; I turn the player off and it charges.

Would the this complete flashing the bootloader?   Is there any other way to reset the player?  (looking at the reset button on the side...)

Any help would be great.



[EDIT] Oh never mind.  My earlier search missed this:

Hi Jaybot I have the same problem.  I do not know how to flash with the usb cable.  Do I really need the ac charger to install rockbox?  Please help me.  Thank you


--- Quote from: jayBOT on November 13, 2009, 01:27:54 PM ---[EDIT] Oh never mind.  My earlier search missed this:

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