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I'm thinking about getting an Archos device and putting Rockbox on it for my son for Christmas.  He's blind and it would be great for him to have an mp3 player he can use.

One question I have is whether the FM radio is supported at all by the speech output.  He would love to have it, but if it's not accessible then there's no point in getting that feature.

I am really excited about this... there are many times I've seen devices with embedded CPUs and audio output that could easily be made accessible with just few mods to the software, but of course that's normally out of the question.  Glad to see there's at least one counterexample!



At present, the radio controls are not voiced, because the codec chip can't play and record sound simultaneously. The FM radio screen has a one-button recording option which puts the chip in recording mode.
I have been thinking about implementing an option that disables the recording to allow for voiced radio controls. Maybe this is the final reason for me to work on it. :-)

Perhaps we don't need an option, just don't put the MAS into recording mode until we really start recording?

@Steve: If you aim for good FM reception and don't need a HD player, you may consider getting a newer OndioFM. Those have a superior tuner (Philips) compared to the FM Recorder or the older Ondio.


Yes, we could set it in recording mode just before we start recording, but only if prerecording is disabled.


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