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Ulitily to convert general folders/files into RockBox Database?


I have been wondering and searching for a tool, utility or some sort of plugin to perhaps convert regular folders in windows to database files for rockbox. So in such, all of your music would be under the category of Database and appear the same.

What I have always done is just have a music folder, but I never liked how they appear as simply the file names. It's a lot more work to edit that than it is metadata.

Appreciate any input.

If I understand you correctly, you're looking for a Library Management software in the form of a shell extension which makes artificial directories through which you can access your files, just to browse your files by tags so you can then open them in a media player? If you want to browse your files by tags, why not just use one of the many applications which offer this functionality by design?

Noo, not on the computer. On RockBox.

I am looking for something to take advantage of the metadata on rockbox, I really thought there would be something out there but I can't seem to find it. Perhaps if there was a plugin player for it, where it'd load the files you already have on there and it could use that data. Most of my music is FLAC so I just ported everything over to a folder where everything is sorted by file names. Unlike where as in the iPod firmware or the software mentioned about, it'll use the metadata for the sorting out.

Well, rockbox does have a database feature that allows you to go through your music by the metadata files. Take a look at the manual under section 4.2, it will explain the database feature.


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