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Since Rockbox doesn't support embedded album art all that well yet, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of an app (or script?) which:

-Allows copying a directory, but only specified files within that directory based on user specified white list
eg. *.mp3,*.flac,*.ogg,folder.jpg

-Is able to strip album art on the fly from at least .mp3 files

Other unnecessary but useful and more advanced abilities it might have:
-"on the fly" encoding for specified file types, using a specified encoder and command line switches
eg. Convert *.flac,*.wav,*.ape using lame.exe "-V 0 --vbr-new --add-id3v2..."

-if specified file(s) aren't in the source folder of the file, save the extracted album art as a user definable name, e.g "folder.jpg" in the destination folder of the file. Only do this once for files which are from an album or are in the same directory

-resizing image files to be "copied" to a specified size on the fly

I realise such an app or script would have to be for the pretty specific purpose of copying audio files to a DAP running Rockbox. As such if one doesn't exist I'd love to make one.

If this is the case I don't foresee it as being too complicated of a task, at least for the main goal of copying files/directories with a white list and stripping album art. However my programming knowledge is pretty limited, so I'd need a bit of community help.

I wouldn't be able to start work on this for at least a few weeks from now until after my exams, so if someone else wanted to make something like this in the mean time, that'd be much appreciated. ;)
Edit: I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but another nice ability would be to copy files from a subdirectory, to a similar subdirectory by selecting the number of directories to "go up", e.g Set to 3
Source Structure:
      The Beatles\
         The Beatles Stereo Box Set\
            A Hard Day's Night (1964)\
            Yellow Submarine (1969)\ <- Select this directory to copy

Destination Structure:
H:\Music files\
      The Beatles\
         The Beatles Stereo Box Set\
            Yellow Submarine (1969)\


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