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How to convert an .oma (atrac3 file) to Real Media file using ffmpeg

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--- Quote from: Ysl on October 11, 2009, 05:58:14 AM ---Hi

It should be possible to convert my non protected .oma files recorded from vinyl to my minidisc (and transfered to my XP PC using SonicStage) with a program called ffmpeg but after searching the net, I've not found a simple explanation on how to do it.

This program have the advantage that the process is lossless, no need to re-compress

I would like to listen to my .oma files with Rockbox but without ffmpeg, this seem to be impossible.

Can someone help me please ?



--- End quote ---

If you're still around, Rockbox now supports playback of ATRAC3 audio in OMA files with no DRM protection.

Yes, I'm still around, I will be as long as Rockbox will be !

Thanks for your reply, that's GREAT news as I didn't get to make the conversion work...


Maybe this will interest you:
It's about how to encode to .rm Atrac3.


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