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How to convert an .oma (atrac3 file) to Real Media file using ffmpeg

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It should be possible to convert my non protected .oma files recorded from vinyl to my minidisc (and transfered to my XP PC using SonicStage) with a program called ffmpeg but after searching the net, I've not found a simple explanation on how to do it.

This program have the advantage that the process is lossless, no need to re-compress

I would like to listen to my .oma files with Rockbox but without ffmpeg, this seem to be impossible.

Can someone help me please ?



Sample maybe?

Re-up as I still have no idea how to listen to my .oma files losslessly on my Iaudio X5  ???

Perhaps you should be asking FFMPEG for advice on how to do this as they would be more likely to know how to achieve your goal.

I've never tried but its probably something like  "ffmpeg -i filename.oma out.rm" but maybe with some other options to tell it what container you want.  Couple minutes reading the help file or google should clear it up I think.


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