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bought archos on ebay---resoldered battery joints

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That wire is placed there at the factory. All jukeboxes have them.

It sounds like your charging regulator (the MC34063A) is broken. It's fairly easy to replace for someone with soldering experience.

If it shuts off when you press on the bumpers, then your battery connectors need resoldering.

I ask for the third time: what are the specs of the charger?

class 2 transformer input:120V AC 60hz     output:9V 600 mA                      i have noticed that on the bottom of the unit that some of the frame parts are unsoldered...could this be casuing the problem?   does the wire help in battery joint life too?

Charger specs are OK. The broken solder joints may very well cause
erratic behaviour, but they shouldn't prevent the batteries from charging. I think the regulator is dead.
The wire retracts the spring a little to ease the pressure on the small PCB with the springs on it.

rasjvon:     i know now that the archos is screwed!  when I unplugged the unit in charge mode from the wall with the charger STILL plugged in, the charge icon still continues to move like it IS CHARGING!!!  ahhhhhh!!!!    do i really have to take it all apart? when are you guys gonna start a repair biz?  i want to upgrade to a larger harddrive too, but i know i could not do it myself


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