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Installed Rockbox Utility on my PCLinuxOS and got this when trying to start it in a terminal:
$ rbutilqt
Floating point exception

Any idea?

=== EDIT ===

Found this in the PCLOS forum

The menu entry is located in System -> Configuration -> Harware -> Rockbox

The executable is rockbox not rbutilqt


So now I have it working. Just couldnt find it in the menu


I don't understand this. How did you install Rockbox Utility? We do not provide packages for any linux distro but instead only provide a statically linked binary (which might or might not work on your distro -- I don't know anything about it) and sources. Does PCLinuxOS provide a package? As we don't provide any packages there is no menu entry either.

In the PCLinuxOS forum you can request packages you would like to see in the repos for easy installation through Synaptic.

As I wasent able to install Rockbox Utility myself, I made a request and a few days later I could install it from Synaptic.   :)

As bluebrother says, you don't install Rockbox Utility, you download the statically linked binary we provide and just run it.  No installing, just run it - click on it, run from the terminal, whatever you want.

If you have problems with the binary we provide, let us know.  We can't help you with third party implementations, you will have to take that up with whoever supplied you with it.

I have it working now.

I used the wrong command.
And I could not find it in the menu.
I now can start it from the menu.



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