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Rockbox Utility not installing the lastest build on iPod 5.5G 80 (now 120GB)



The Rockbox utility is not installing the lastest Rockbox build when instructed to do so.  It installs r21884-090715.

Thank you!

And how have you checked that it does install the mentioned build instead of the current one? When did this issue occur? You did search the tracker and are aware of FS#10450, which is fixed since over a week now?

The issue occurred a few minutes before making the post.  I had seen this problem before in late July so manually installed a newer build r22020 and that installed OK as shown at boot up and in Rockbox Info.  I went to install r22100 today via the utility and r21884 installed (as seen by the config file and Rockbox Info).  I downloaded r22100 and installed manually and the build showed 22100 at boot an in Rockbox Info.  Just reporting what was seen.

If you have an iPod, give it a try.

EDIT:  Still not working Aug. 7, 2009. r21884 is still showing up as being installed instead of r22195 (9:38AM CDT)

The issue is caused because the server paths have changed (something Rockbox Utility can't do anything or know about) and old files lying around. It has been fixed on the server (nothing I can do anything about except telling the server admins), and new versions of Rockbox Utility will use the new file paths, removing this issue completely. The state has been noted in the tracker issue I've linked earlier, so it was clear that it still persisted on 7th.


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