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Another E280 Mountpoint Issue


Fellow Sansa E280 Users:

I am trying to load Rockbox to my player but when I do it gives me a “Mountpoint Error” message.  I have been trying to do a bit of research on this issue but have been unsuccessful up to this point for my exact problem.  What I have found from trying to connect my player to various computers in my house is that each of the computers does not see the player properly when I hook it up via the USB cable.  When trying to use either “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer” all the computer sees are two different removable drives.  The computer describes them by the various letters but does not see it as a Sansa player, which it did in the past.  When I try to look at the drives by using the Properties menu it shows that both drives have no unused capacity left, which is incorrect.  Now here is the crazy part when I look at Device Manager under the System Menu and look at Disk Manager it sees it as a “SanDisk e280 USB Device” but not when I try to look at the device under Win Explorer. That is the only place where the computer calls the product by its right name.

I am using Win XP SP 3 and my player is version 01.02.024A and yes I have it as MSC in the USB mode and I have tried three different USB connectors. The player is only half full and of course I can’t add music to it because the computer does not recognize it in the proper way.  Of course I cannot install Rockbox either.  If anyone has any ideas I would be more that grateful.  I can’t say that the player is a brick but I can’t use it to its fullest either.

Thanks in Advance

Chuck W.

If this is suppose to go to the hardware section I apologize!

Appearing as simple drive letters in Windows Explorer is normal behavior for UMS devices (i.e. MSC mode).  Appearing with the wrong capacity could be a sign of damage to your file system, however.  If your OS can't access it properly there's little chance for Rockbox Utility to do that either.

Try running  a chkdsk to try to detect and repair problems with your file system.


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