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"No iPod Found" message when installing on 80GB Video (was problem installing)

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hey. i keep getting the same problem over and over again.
i have an ipod 80gb video. i had it in forced disk mode, itunes set disk mode, restored and formatted. everything i tryed, failed

during the auto installation i get this

manual installation i get this

then doing it without the auto installer i get this

any ideas?

Have you tried a differant computer?

Are you sure that you have an iPod Video and not an iPod Classic?

i tryed just there.. same problem
i have rockbox on my ipod, its just the bootloader.

and im fairly sure its a video. i could try use the classic bootloader. but i cant find it

There is no bootloader for the classic as there is no Rockbox for the classic.
If the face of your iPod is flat glossy black or white plastic then you have an iPod Video.  If it is a matte finished metal face you have a 6G "Classic".  Rockbox does not work on the Classic.


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