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rockbox utilty isnt working. anything im doing wrong?


Ok, first of all i downloaded rockbox utlity. And i have my ipod connect to my computer and in disk mode with itunes closed, but when i press "autodetect" in the configuration it says "Detected an unsupported Apple variant. Sorry, Rockbox doesn't run on your player."

So what am i doing wrong?

In light of the error message, it would be helpful if you verified what model of iPod you're trying to install it on.


--- Quote from: SicknessX9 on July 12, 2009, 01:34:44 AM ---So what am i doing wrong?

--- End quote ---

Rockbox Utility is working correctly. You are using an unsupported Ipod, that's whats wrong here. Nothing you can do anything about except using a different (read: supported) Ipod.


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