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Just installed RB on my 30gig video, restarted, and now ipod is dead


I just installed Rockbox on my 30 gig Ipod Video. It seemed to install just fine. I then initialized the database which also seemed to be working fine. During the initialization, I plugged the Ipod into a wall socket so as not to run down the batteries. When the initialization finished, and brought me back to the main menu, the controls seemed sporadically non-responsive. I then shut down the Ipod and attempted to reboot it but could not. The Ipod no longer responds to any buttons pressed on it and my computer doesn't recognize it. Is it fried?


Leave it plugged into the wall for a while and it'll eventually come to. 

This is a common bug in the Apple firmware. The iPod will think the battery is completely drained when it isn't. Like saratoga says, leave your iPod on a wall charger for a while (usually 24 hours will do) and it'll snap back to life.

I actually found that there is a way to reset the Ipod: turn Hold on and then off and then hold Select and Menu at the same time. This fixed the problem (Thank God!)

Thanks for your suggestions!


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