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I'm new, and have a question.


Hi, everyone!  I have a problm.  When I try to install the Rockbox Software on my Ipod Nano, I'm not exactly sure which Generation it is.  I do know, however, it is not a first Gen.  What I was wondering is, how do I find out what generation I have exactly?  And what selection do I make for the player selector in the installer.  The Autodetector does not give me any idea as to what I need to do.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Apple has a page with a list of all iPod models that you can find via Google.  Unfortunately, Rockbox only runs on the 1st generation Nano currently.  Nobody has found a way to run custom code on any of the other generations yet. 

If you would like to get a player supported by Rockbox you can check the front page for a list of supported players:

Please use a descriptive title as per our forum guidelines. "I have a question" doesn't tell anyone if he is interested or able to answer your question.

And autodetection works for all supported players. If it doesn't work you either have issues with your system (most likely permissions issues) or an unsupported player. And as the front page (!) tells Rockbox does not run on the post-1st gen nanos.


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