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RB error, need help deleting


this is pretty confusing. I had used rockbox for a while and it worked fine. My ipod video (30g) went out of batteries. I had a wall charger and and charged it for 24h.

After charging, it says:

Rockbox boot loader
IPOD version: 0xFFFFFFFF
Partition 1: 0x0B 28521 MB
Loading Rockbox...
Can't load rockbox.ipod
File not found
Hold MENU+SELECT to reboot
then SELECT+PLAY for disc mode

When i reboot it with menu+select, this screen appears

Please Wait.
Very Low Battery.

After a while (if charging) the RB error screen shows up again

Can someone help me? Can I either fix RB or Delete it and go back to the original mode?

Charge it some more with the Hold switch engaged.  Once it has enough juice it will boot into the Apple firmware and continue charging.  After it's fully charged we can assess what's going on with the bootloader's complaints. 


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